The Lady Americana Hospitality and Contract Products Collection offers the ultimate in comfort, support, long lasting durability, and value required by today’s hospitality industry. This also makes it a perfect group of products for firms or associations needing a large quantity of quality value-oriented sleep sets. By combining our exclusive mattress unit with layers of our unique high density upholstery foams and luxurious quilt foam, we are able to provide a mattress collection that exceeds industry expectations.

Lady Americana is an active Brand name in supplying to hotels throughout the region. Many hoteliers choose us due to our mattress are tailored to provide comfort and support for a peaceful rest to your guests. We offer a wide range of stock and custom made solutions for our hotel clients. Please inquire with our sales agent to learn about volume pricing at:

Good Night Sleep

Our mattress are especially tailored to provide good support and comfortable so that your guest can have an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.


We ensure that our prices are affordable so that you can provide your guest with the best comfort money can buy.


With our state of the art manufacturing facility, we are able to meet any requirements that you may have so that you do not need to change to suit us. Let us change to suit you!!